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Grade-A Fluff: Let's Talk "Pillow Talk"

Sometimes we love things that are bad for us; other times, we love media that stimulates our intellect. And for me, somewhere between the two ends of the spectrum lies Pillow Talk , directed by Michael Gordon and starring Doris Day and Rock Hudson. It’s gloriously kitchy, zippy, groan-inducing, and not exactly empowering for women. I find it fascinating, impressionable, and despite its copycats, unique. Day plays Jan Morrow, a decorator with no marriage prospects on the horizon—but a beautiful apartment, a job she loves, and independence she claims to enjoy. Hudson plays Brad Allen, a successful songwriter who woos multiple women with a single song. The two first cross paths vocally: they share the same party line, which means that if one of them is already on the phone, the other one cannot make or receive calls. Jan is sick of missing calls from work because Brad is busy serenading women with the same song over and over. Brad is sick of Jan insisting on using the line while he’s busy

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